Eyes remaining closed, the young man settled back against the pillows, a contented smile forming on his face without him realising. Hmmmmmmm. He seemed to like bed today. That was nice; he’d make sure to take a nap in the afternoon.

But that would be later. He groaned a bit and stumbled out of bed. First he had to figure out who he was today.Rubbing some of the grogginess out of his eyes, he walked over to the dresser and turned off the alarm before it rang. He always enjoyed waking up on the days he didn’t need an alarm to wake him.

He then walked to the bathroom down the hall, shedding part of his clothes as he went. Had he fallen asleep wearing his nice clothes? He couldn’t remember what he’d been up the night before. That wasn’t a good sign. But he’d worry about that later. He stepped into the shower, and absent-mindedly turned the water on.

Ooh, that was cold! He was startled fully awake, but was surprised to find he enjoyed the frigid water. Huh. Days like this were rare. He shampooed quickly, washed his body, and enjoyed the cold water for a minute or two.

He grabbed the towel hanging right outside the shower, and dried himself before walking back to his room, picking his clothes back up as he went. Jesus, what the hell had he done last night? Had he gone drinking? Fucking hell, Alex.

Quietly cursing whatever had led yesterday’s version of him to think bloody drinking was a good idea, he dumped the clothes on the hamper by the door, and went to pick out some clothes. He picked out a pair of briefs at random, and some socks. Now on to the closet. He went through a few pants and skirts, and chose a pair of dark jeans. That, and maybe a nice shirt? No, not really. Ooh, yes! That looked wonderful.

Now wearing a comfortable sweatshirt, Alex headed back to the bathroom to take care of his hair. Agh, it looked too short. maybe he’d grow it out a bit. He went to find a comb but stopped, and decided to just muss up his hair a bit. Yeah, that was nice.

On to the kitchen. Cooking was easier when he was distracted, so he tried to focus on the story he was currently working on. He’d left the young woman hiding in an old building. Maybe she’d wake up and meet the owner of the building. He could be, hmm, a middle aged man who liked to dress far too well for casual situations. Yes! That, and something of a party animal. She’d get off lucky as he would be too used to waking up hung-over and woozy to question a pretty young woman being in a building she certainly could not be in.

That worked. He finished preparing the food, and sat at the table, finally realizing what it was he’d been making. Some toast, jam, cup of coffee, and… the hell? He leaned down to take a closer look. Huh. He’d made scrambled eggs using only egg whites. That was a new one.

Whatever he’d done last night had left him a bit hungry, so he finished the meal quickly, and grabbed an apple after he was done cleaning the dishes.

He bit into the apple as he opened his office door. So, middle aged man. Maybe he could be called Anthony but, nah, he didn’t really need a name. He turned the computer on, and sat down to start writing.

All right, no name, but he’d have to write up a short character summary. Maybe the guy could appear again later on in the story. Dark brown eyes, and an intense sort of stare, with a hunger that would look vaguely familiar to the young woman. He’d be wearing a nice suit and shirt of course, but no tie. Not the first time she meets him. The tie would have been lost at a random bar. Nice shoes, sides scratched from stumbling often on the pavement…

Alex kept working on the story, taking occasional bites from the apple, and drinking from the water bottle he’d left on the desk the day before.

He was starting to get into a groove, and relaxed as the story began to shape itself. Whatever might change, he always had his stories. He’d worked for maybe an hour or two when his phone chimed out, interrupting the rhythmic tapping of his fingers on the keyboard.

He folded his left leg out from under him as he got up and pulled the phone out of his pocket.

“Hey, Alex! I had a lot of fun last night. I thought it’d be nice to see you again. You busy tomorrow?”

He read the message on the screen. So that’s what he’d been up to last night.

“Hi! Sure. What were you thinking?”

“It’ll be a surprise. Meet me by the fountain off 15th at 7.”

Something to look forward to, then. He put the phone away, and went back to his writing, a smile on his face.

Yo, yo. Lili here again.

So this settles it, I’m definitely not dead.
Guess who just wrote for two days in a row, and actually feels pretty proud of what she wrote?

Sure, it probably won’t win a Nobel prize for writing, but I like the idea for this story.
The writing prompt behind today’s post was to write about someone who was very different from other people, but had to live in a regular world.
Hopefully it’ll be obvious what’s weird about this person I wrote about today, else I didn’t do a very good job 😛

Please leave me feedback if you read this. Things you liked, things that took out of the story, where you see room for improvement. Suggestions, advice, anything. I need to get better.

Anywho, I hope you liked today’s read. The next post I publish will likely be a continuation of this story. I really like this character. Hope you’re having a good start to your week 🙂


2 thoughts on “Today

  1. Melissa says:

    Just wanted to say I read every post on your blog, I’m just bad at leaving comments. I love the voice for the character Alex in this story-its distinct. I’m guessing his uniqueness is turning into another person every so often (every day?), given the information you give us, but since its something he knows, the reader should too. Also, how often does he get contacted by people the day after he’s been a different person? What makes this person who texted him different? The story should start with something that gets him out of his routine, and him getting that text is a great place to start. Hope this is helpful, and happy writing!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Liliana says:

      Thank you for commenting!
      The uniqueness is not that exactly, but close. I think it might become more obvious as it goes on; I couldn’t figure out a simple way to make it beyond doubt without just spelling it out.

      I appreciate your comment ^_^


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