I’m Sorry

Guys, I’m so, so sorry.

I genuinely am. I missed last Friday’s and Sunday’s posts, and I don’t have anything to show for today. I was completely drained emotionally after last Tuesday night. I just couldn’t manage to write anything by Friday. Then Saturday night I went to sleep feeling like shit, and woke up feeling worse somehow. I somehow slept for like 16 hours, and so was in no condition to write anything on Sunday.

Then today… Christ, I dunno. I was feeling good, but after an hour and a bit of writing, I only had 300 words, any not even 10% of the story I wanted to write for today. I just don’t know whether I’m that emotionally drained still, or whether stories are THAT much harder to write. I just know I’ve failed. Again.

It’s so discouraging, after a whole year of constantly meeting my post quota. I feel super disappointed in myself. I’ll have something by Friday. If not… then I guess I have some serious thinking to do.

Again, I’m sorry. I really, really am.







2 thoughts on “I’m Sorry

  1. leavelindzalone says:

    Don’t consider it a failure Lily. We all struggle sometimes. I beat myself up over not meeting a post quota I set for myself a few years back, and I found it made blogging a lot more stressful and a lot less fun – which was the whole point of starting the blog. It’s supposed to be fun, right? I guess all I’m saying is that I don’t think we as your readers see this as you failing at all. I look forward to your next post regardless of when it is. ❤️


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