There once was an ant that decided to go on a long trip. When her ant friends asked her why she was leaving, and where she was going, the ant just smiled to herself, and said that she wanted to see the world.

“What!” her ant friends said, “isn’t being yourself good enough?”
“Why would you leave us? We are ants!” her parents said, “an ant without her hive is no one.”

But the ant had set her heart on the trip. So every day when she and the other ants went out to find food, she kept her eyes open to all the places nearby, trying to decide where she was heading. Finally, she chose to make the long trip to the huge mountain that opened each day to let the giants out, with their huge booming feet, then again at night to let them back in.

She said goodbye to her ant friends and her ant parents, who all tried to stop her one last time “We don’t understand! Stay here with everyone who loves you. What’s there for you out there?”

They didn’t understand. She just smiled, told them she loved all of them, and left the anthill. The first few days were difficult. There weren’t scouts to find food, so she had to struggle on her own. It was hard, but she didn’t starve. On one night, she almost drowned when the sky cracked and flashed, and heavy water crashed all around her. She’d been about to fall asleep, but was instantly fully awake. She panicked as she looked around. It was dark and loud. She felt the ground below start to soften slightly, as it took in some of the water. She wouldn’t have much time. Struggling to see where she was going, she started to run as fast as she could, looking for something, anything…


She spotted a small mountain ahead, and started to climb. Dodging the water falling nearby and rolling down the mountain, she finally made it to the top. She began to climb on the tree, but noticed something to the side. She quickly sideways went to investigate, and saw a small hole in the tree just below her. Wonderful!

Climbing in through the roof, she found silence. Finally. Turning back she could still see the water crash from the sky, but inside the hole there was only darkness. She headed to the back, and settled down. When she woke up, the rain still fell outside, but it was no longer quiet inside the hole. There was… something between her and the entrance, making a soft noise. It was hard to make out what the shape was, as she could only see what it was from the outline it made when the sky rumbled and brightened for a moment.

The ant was afraid, and decided to go outside again. Better to risk the rain again than find out what the huge shadow was. She quietly went up on the roof again, and made her way to the door. Before leaving she glanced at the shadow. It was moving!

She moved out of the hole in the tree as quickly as she could. Suddenly she could hear the water crashing down again. “Oh no, oh no, oh no!” she was so terrified she wasn’t paying much attention, and didn’t move in time to avoid one of the giant bunches of water falling from the sky. She lost her grip on the tree, and went flying as the wind threw her away. She hit the dirt, which was now very soft and full of water. She had no idea where she was. Was she close to the tree?

No time to look! More water gathered around her on the soft soil. She needed to find safety, or else she would drown. She started to run again, being careful to avoid the rain splashing down near her.

She ran and she ran, not knowing where she was headed. It was so dark and so noisy. She barely managed to avoid running in circles. There was a tall flower nearby. It didn’t look like great shelter, but she was too tired to look for anything better. She struggled up the flower stem, and tried to find some shelter from the water under the flower. She fell asleep again.

When she woke, she couldn’t see or hear anything. She climbed down from the flower, and felt the water pooled on the ground. No more was falling though, and it seems like night had come.

She was so confused. Where had she been headed? It was hard to find her way with all this water. Choosing a direction randomly, she started to walk again. Resting when she could, she tried to cover as much ground as she could in case the water fell again. However, none fell, and before long, the sun started to rise.

Hey, all.

As I said on Sunday, I’ve decided to try posting only stories this month, as I try to get back into the practise of writing fiction. It’s so hard! I had to stop and start over with several ideas I’d had because none of them felt satisfactory. This little story about an ant is the only thing that didn’t make me feel completely despondent so this is what I did 😛

I was planning on finishing it today, but I’m too stressed out by the US election to focus on this too much, so I’ll cut it here and finish on Friday. Hope you’re all having a good night. Fingers crossed we wake up to great news tomorrow.







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