No Post on Sunday!


I’ve mentioned previously how the whole point of this blog was to help develop my writing skills so I could eventually start getting back to writing stories, like I did years and years ago.

After a year of writing on this blog, I think it’s time to make that transition, so for this month at least, I’ll be trying to write something. I didn’t have time today because I had a birthday party to go to, and writing stories takes a lot more time than my usual blog posts, but starting on Tuesday I’ll begin to do the whole story thing. If it starts taking me too long, we might have to go down to two posts a week, but for now I’ll try keeping up the usual three posts a week.

Anywho. As I said, I didn’t have much time today, plus I’m tired and still a little emotionally drained, so I won’t publish a post today. I promise I’ll have something on Tuesday. Hopefully my first short story in years won’t be too bad 😛

See y’all soon!


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