Close your eyes
The road rumbles
Motorcycles, cars, buses, rush by
Some speed silently,
Others honk

Take a deep breath
The air is crisp;

Two men walk alone
Hoods up,
Hands in pocket


Years and years ago,
Eyes closed,
Soft wind blowing against your skin
Stars above
It’s dark,
and quiet.
The night belongs to herself

dogs bark around you,
lights on cars shining on the road,
and apartments with their lights on

Behind the noise,
Under the lights,
In the shadow under the hoods
on the young men’s heads

The shadows hide from the lights
The cars can’t block the silence
There is noise all around
But the night still belongs to herself


I know I’m talented at writing prose. I have definite weaknesses, which I try to address and improve, but I’m aware that I have potential.

Poetry, however, confounds me. I have found much meaning and beauty in poetry. It was a large source of comfort in the last months of my pre-transition life, and helped me find strength when I needed it most.

When I look at my stories, and dialogue, I can usually measure how good it is, and how it could improve. With poetry, I’m lost. The last piece of poetry I published here on the blog got a surprising number of likes, which genuinely surprised me; I had absolutely no clue as to whether it was awful/mediocre or if it had potential. Apparently the latter.

So, I wrote some poetry today. Partly because I’m tired, and I’ve been obsessed reading a very, very good book and forgot to write a post until now. But also because the view from my room looks out on a beautiful road that looks incredibly alluring at night. It makes me want to go out on my bike and ride, or go for a lonely midnight walk, or get on a car and smile as I ride past lights and buildings in a slightly quieter, slightly sleepier city, with its million lights.

I want to write something long to do it justice, but the night is nearly over and I need to publish this before it ends. So I wrote a poem, which takes a little less time than writing a full post.

I hope it’s good. Let me know if it’s not. I genuinely need and do value the input.

Maybe I’ll write about the nights here on Sunday, or next week. Anyway, I hope you’ve all had a beautiful week.






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