My country was voting on whether we want the government to accept the current peace terms with the FARC, a terrorist organisation, and ending an armed conflict of over 50 years.

‘No’ won, as people who have not been affected by the war directly let their lust for violence and their hatred win over peace. It’s depressing when the parts of the country that suffered the most were the most ready to forgive and build a new tomorrow.

I’m angry and sad and I just want to cry.

So, no post today. I’m sorry guys. I just can’t do this today. I’ll be back on Tuesday.


2 thoughts on “No

  1. Helen Smith says:

    I’d been reading about this last week (one of my close friends is from colombia) and I was shocked when I saw the news this morning, it wasn’t expected. :/ I’m sorry. 😦 hugs from scotland xx


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