Sentimentality and Hogwash

My relationship to poetry isn’t very complicated. In fact, it could quite easily be summarised into four words: I’m rubbish at it.

I’ve made no secret of my main purpose writing on this blog: to improve my skill at writing so I can do a better job when I decide to start a novel. I still haven’t gotten to the point where I feel comfortable trying to write a short story again, but words come more easily to me now than they did a year ago; that’s been quite nice. Let’s say, then, that as a small step towards the larger goal of exposing myself by trying to write a story, I’ll try writing poetry today. I know it won’t be good, just as my dialogue and stories aren’t very good, but hopefully it’ll help me lose my fear of showing the flaws in my writing ability.

(Also, when I say I’ll try to write poetry, I mean I’ll start trying to write poetry and end up with something that reads more like overly sentimental prose. It’s a start)

I thought of you today
and a sunny day
listening to your voice

I closed my eyes
and saw your smile, and the way it made your eyes change

Do you remember
sitting down together
under a clear sky,

Each one singing
in different voices to the same song

A clear bright peal of laughter
on a sunny day, rainy afternoon,
and a cold evening

I can’t hear your voice anymore
but I still smile at the thought of it

I remember
crying, finding out you were going away
and it was over

all of it, done

Every day, I lose a little more of you
and I know someday my memory will fail,
and I’ll forget your eyes
and your smile

But that’ll be another day
for now, I’ll close my eyes
and sing along with you
to the words in both our hearts




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