Take Your Love With Me

Hey, guys.

As has been clearly established in the last few weeks as I’ve been uploading more ukulele videos, I have an awful singing voice. Still, I’m looking to get better which means I’ll keep doing them. Fingers crossed in a few months or a year I’ll actually be able to sing.

I’m leaving this all as a warning that today’s post is a video of me trying to song, and failing even worse than usual. The I don’t know what it is, but my voice has been sounding awful all week 😦
Then on top of that, the song is in a pitch where it’s much too high for me to sing properly, or where I have to essentially sing in my old guy voice  (which is obviously not happening)Anyway. Here’s the video. Watch at your own peril, and all that.

Don’t you miss me and my terrible singing, Cheery? 😉

Have a good week, y’all. See you on Friday for the next post, as usual.


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