Be Wherever You Are

I think the days of me being afraid of playing the uke are gone.

Since I started watching Steven Universe and playing along to the songs in it, I’ve been able to rediscover my love for the ukulele in a way that doesn’t make me feel melancholy. I might still want to avoid a couple of old favourite songs if I don’t want to feel sad, but otherwise I can actually play my ukulele and enjoy every second of it again. I feel so happy.

To celebrate in some of that joy, and because I really enjoyed doing this last week, I’ve decided to post another video me playing another song from the show 😀

Before that, though, a quick story:

Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny day, so I went outside for a while. I live in a closed community, so we have our apartment buildings inside a fence with a shared park and grassy area in the middle. I went there are with my laptop and uke, and started playing a bunch of songs from the show. I was halfway through “Be Wherever You Are” when I looked up and noticed a couple of kids silently watching me. I smiled at them and kept playing.

One of them said something like “I’m telling you it is!” followed by some mumbling in Spanish. The other disagreed, but the first kid again went “It IS that song”

I asked him which song he meant, and he told me it was from his favourite show. So I started playing the intro to Steven Universe and asked if this was the one, and his reaction was SO FREAKING ADORABLE. He got super excited and said “YES!”

For the next 10-15 minutes I just sat there in the park, surrounded by a bunch of little kids, playing Steven Universe songs with them singing along. I was super impressed with them. They didn’t just know the big ones like Stronger Than You, they even recognised What Can I Do despite the fact I was singing in English and they’d only heard it in Spanish.

It was ridiculously cute and fun, and I walked home afterwards with a huge smile on my face 🙂

Anyway, here’s the song for today. I’m not sure what’s up with me touching my hair every few seconds, and I do stumble on my words halfway through the song but ah well. Hope you like it!



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