I Can Show You the World…


A quick post for today as it is quite late and I have to get up early tomorrow morning. Sorry to take so long to write this up. I was watching a movie and only got home recently. By the way, you should totally watch Me Before You if ugly crying in a movie theatre is something you’re into ūüėõ

Aaanyways. Today I wanted to talk a little bit¬†about the allure of travel.I’m planning a trip to Europe early next year, sometime around March or April. I’m incredibly excited; every time I think about it I get this goofy smile in my face.
I’m going to Europe!

The idea for now (which might change as I plan with more detail) is to land in Barcelona, enjoy the beach a bit, then go up to Paris. The main plan in Paris is to go to the Louvre and see the amazing art (and avoid looking at the Mona Lisa because at heart I will always be a hipster.) Of course, I’m also excited to be shown around the small places usually known only by locals. I hear it’s a beautiful city with amazing music and pubs and just a general ambiance. I have a couple friends living there, so hopefully they can help me get a taste for the city.

After that, it’s on to Amsterdam (I assume with a quick stop in Belgium). I’ve heard so much about Amsterdam. Honestly, I’ll probably rent or borrow a bike from some place there, and spend most of my time biking around. I’m not joking; it’s genuinely one of my main things to do in Europe.
Then there are also plenty of things to explore and get to know. I’ve heard it’s a gorgeous city as well.

Once my legs fall off from non-stop bicycle riding, I’ll be travelling to¬†Germany. It’ll be tricky to time and buy tickets, but the idea is to stop by Dortmund to watch a football game at the¬†Westfalenstadion. I don’t really care which team they’re playing, though it’d be great if I somehow managed to be there in time for a Champions League match.
From there I’ll be off to Berlin. Again, I have no clue what I’ll do there, but I hear it’s another city with a wonderful flavour to it. I’ll have to find someone to help show me around, but it should be nice. If I can manage to watch a¬†football game (or three) there, I won’t be complaining.
The dirt cheap price of football in Germany is  big reason for stopping there, to be honest.

Once I get tired¬†of watching football teams I’ve only heard about and never thought I’d see for myself, I’ll be going to¬†Poland. I don’t have many plans¬†there¬†apart from visiting Auschwitz. It’s¬†an incongruous addition to a touristy list of places to see and things to do, but it’s¬†probably the main reason I want to make sure this trip happens.
As I wrote a few weeks ago, even thinking about the Holocaust makes me feel sick to my stomach, but I understand it’s important to remember it. I already know just¬†breathing in the air there will likely make me feel like I’m¬†about to be crushed by a huge weight, but it’s something I need to see in my lifetime.

Once that’s done, I don’t know. Maybe head down to Italy, take a ship to Spain, then back to Colombia? I haven’t planned my trip post-Poland very well yet, but I’m sure it’ll be great.

I wanted to write down all of these half-planned ideas because I’ve been so excited I need to tell SOMEONE. Hope you guys didn’t mind reading that ūüėČ

I’ve also been thinking lately about what makes travel so exciting.
There’s a part of me that pushes myself into weird situations just because I feel I won’t become a good writer someday if I don’t¬†experience life widely. It’s why I’ve found myself walking in horrible neighbourhoods at 11pm, or why I’ve¬†been sat on a bus for 10¬†hours on my way back from visiting a friend in another city. All of those things can shape you, and help¬†you see the world in a way you never would have otherwise.

Then there is also an element of me needing to push myself. All my life, coming out and starting my transition has proved a worthwhile goal. Now that I have it, it’s been tough to find new motivation. However, since I’ve started planning this trip, I’ve been enjoying¬†work and life in general a lot more. Now I have something I’m working towards, a¬†finish line to head towards.
It’s great.

After the trip, maybe I’ll start saving money to visit Canada, or maybe backpack down to Argentina with my best friend. I could visit Sao Paulo, or go to Chile. So many possibilities! Travel is giving me purpose again, and¬†it’s helped me feel so much better lately.

Finally, travel is just fun. Seeing strange¬†things, experiencing different cultures, meeting new people… it’s all just wonderful, and I can hardly wait till I’m living it.

The Europe trip will require me to borrow enough money to firmly stay in debt for a year or two, but I can’t think of many other things that would be worth that.

So. Excited!








3 thoughts on “I Can Show You the World…

  1. Helen Smith says:

    Ooh that’s so exciting!! ūüėÄ ūüėÄ Sounds like a brilliant plan. I’ve been to Paris and Berlin from the places you’ve mentioned and both are definitely really interesting places to visit. ūüėÄ
    Thanks for giving me another burst of wanderlust ūüėõ


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