Hey, guys.
I have some rather bad news.

What with apartment hunting, a bunch of arguments with my phone company, and a few other things, I just feel absolutely exhausted at the moment. I’ve been eating well, sleeping as much as I should drinking plenty of water… even so, I just feel tired all the time, and I can barely motivate myself to do anything.

It’s definitely not depression, just exhaustion. Probably emotional exhaustion caused by having to deal with a lot of very stressful things.

As much as life has been better for me in the last year, I have noticed that exhaustion happening more and more often. It makes sense; despite being happier and having a much more positive outlook on the future now, I’ve gone from sleepwalking through a dull life to living life in full colour, and doing it on Hard Mode to boot. I’m not living with my parents anymore, and will soon be totally independent, I live as an LGBT individual in a country whose culture could do with a lot of improvement, I’m a woman and have to deal with all the annoying difficulties that come with that, and so on. You get the idea.

Things look great. I’m a few days away from possibly moving into a kickass apartment a few blocks from work, I feel more self-confident than I ever have, I fiiiinally have a female wardrobe extensive enough to be considered ‘decent’ and I feel at peace in my relationships with the family and friends closest to me.

That all helps a ton. I’m sure very soon I’ll be back to feeling bright and cheerful; it’ll be much quicker than it was back when every day was like a waking nightmare. I still need some time to recover, though, which brings us to the bad news:

I’m going to take a short break from the blog. It’ll probably be for a week or so, definitely no more than two weeks, and then I’ll be back to posting. I might write a post or two if I feel up to it, but I need to get rid of the obligation to write something, because I’m about to collapse from the stress.

I’m very sorry, as I have really prided myself on my consistency with the blog (except for last weekend, when I published Sunday’s post a day early :P), but I just need to take care of myself right now.

Hopefully next time you hear from me I’ll have great news about the apartment!

Have a lovely week, and I hope to see y’all soon. (Well, not see exactly, but you know what I mean)


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