Sweet Home

After leaving work today, I went to an unfamiliar bus stop and took a bus different from my usual, to a part of the city I hadn’t been to before. It was only 15-20 minutes away from where I work but, well, I’ve never bothered exploring the area around the office much.

It was surprising how nice the area was. I have this general idea that anything not in the North of the city is varying degrees of dangerous, ugly, or sketchy, but the place I went to was lovely. Clean, nice, well-lit… lovely.

See, I’ve been looking for an apartment or room to rent. After a year at my aunt’s, the time feels right to be more independent. It’s been tough balancing my need for something well-priced, nice, in a safe location, and specific needs for me.
I’ve found, for example, really nice places for decent prices, but they’re even farther from work than my current location. I’d end up wasting from three to three and a half hours a day just in my commute to and from work. Awful.
There have been other apartments or rooms for excellent prices, but very, very far from major bus stops or big streets. There have been a couple close to our public transportation system, but in a part of town I already feel terrified out of my mind going to in the middle of the day, nevermind in the evening or night.

I felt nervous walking to the apartment complex. Not only was this my first time actually visiting an apartment with the owner, the more I saw how nice the area was, the more afraid I felt of missing out, or finding out the guy renting the place was a creep or something.

I got there and I suddenly felt at peace. I can’t put it into words properly, but as soon as I walked into the apartment I got the feeling I was in a home. You know, not just a place people stay, but somewhere a family lives in.

The room was very small, but it felt cozy, and the rest of the apartment was very nice. The bathroom I’d be sharing with another girl living was not very large either, but it was clean and very nice. On top of everything, I would have access to the fridge and be able to cook, which was something nearly no other room for rent offers.

I only stopped by the place for a visit, and there’s nothing signed or agreed on, but I’ll be sending some papers over next week and maybe the week after I’d (hopefully!) be moving in.

I’m very excited about this. It was a great step to go from living with my parents to living with someone else, and it’ll be another big step to move out from the place I’m sharing with a family member to being truly independent.

Maybe this is a silly thing to be so proud and excited over. Millions of people become adults and figure out this sort of thing easily, but for me little things like these feel momentous. I’m actually planning to start living completely independent! I’m taking off the floaties and swimming further into the deep end of the pool. I’m… uh, struggling to think of another metaphor.

You get the idea, though.

I’m going to be having even less spare money than I do now, but it feels great. Yay change, and yay growing up. I’ll be honest, it isn’t just gender stuff that makes me freak out and wonder if this is actually my life. Having a steady job and going out looking at rooms and apartments feels very surreal too.

Wonder if this ever wears off.

I’ll update y’all next week on whether I get the place. Have a great weekend!


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