Unattended Consequences

Happy Tuesday, everyone! 🙂
Life has been pretty good for me lately. The training for the campaign I’m moving to has been very relaxing, particularly compared to the constant supervisor calls I was taking last week.

On to today.
Today happens to be the first Tuesday of the month, and that means it’s time for another podcast recommendation post! Whoo! It’ll have to be a brief post, as I’ve been losing too much sleep lately due to the Copa America, but it’s going to be about something I’ve enjoyed a ton lately.

Before we get on to it, let me just note a reminder that you can read last months’ recommendation (for the No Sleep Podcast) by clicking here. You should certainly give it a read if you’re into spooky stories and such.

I’m currently re-reading The Name of the Wind. I don’t usually reread books 5 months after my first reading but in this particular case, I felt like I should. As I noted in my book reviews post recently, reading The Name of the Wind was the equivalent for me of a middle-aged couple re-sparking their passion for each other, just replace the middle-aged couple with me and books, and sex in new, adventurous positions and in new, adventurous places, with reading books all the freaking time.

Okay, that’s a bit of a weird analogy.

Still. You know what I mean, right? The Name of the Wind was the viagr- nope, there I go again. Let’s leave it at saying the book re-inspired me to enjoy books in a way I hadn’t in many years. Most of it is down to the fact that its author, Patrick Rothfuss, isn’t simply a talented wordsmith, but also truly understands stories. He is a veteran of long nights spent stumbling from one tvtropes article to the other, and it shows. He understands not just what makes a story compelling, but what makes experienced readers roll our eyes and completely disengage from a book.

In summary, I love Patrick Rothfuss, and so was very excited when I accidentally discovered he has a podcast, Unattended Consequences. I gave it a listen and was surprised at how unique it is. Sure, two white guys talking to each other isn’t a terribly original podcast idea (though they do get points for making fun of that.) However, it isn’t two guys talking about football, or joking around, covering news events… it’s two men engaging in the sort of thoughtful, intimate conversation most of us are lucky to only occasionally participate in.

Pat and Max Temkin (one of the guys from Cards Against Humanity) talk about many things, such as why Tony Stark is the person that’s worst off in the MCU  in a very engaging manner. They present original ideas well, and constantly make you go “oh… wow, that’s what I’ve always thought but never knew how to articulate!” They’re very insightful and interesting, and the clear friendship between the two shows, and makes listening to the podcast that much more enjoyable.

You should listen to the podcast if you want to listen to two very interesting men share fascinating conversations, in a very positive atmosphere, and in an engaging way; if you enjoy Rothfuss’ books and want to witness more of his intelligence, kindness, and creativity; if you should also listen to it if you like Cards Against Humanity, because it can be damn funny.


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