And Now, the Weather…

As I sit here typing, I can hear rain fall on nearby roofs. If I look outside, I’m met with a clouded sky behind a rain-spattered window. I can smell the clean, fresh air and feel a little sleepy, especially with the soft tango music coming from my computer.


Sunlight is beautiful. I remember how in high school, back when I lived in Florida, it was my favourite thing to walk home around September-time. It was sunny, as is always in the Sunshine State, but September also brought a little wind. I would get off the bus and delight in taking the 15-20 minute walk home from the stop, with the sun making me feel hot, but the cool breeze keeping me from feeling too hot. It was just right, and it made simply walking outside feel like absolute heaven.

Rain is beautiful. I spent last Halloween indoors, as a storm roared outside, me cuddled under a blanket, soothed by the pitter-patter of water hitting my window, beer at my hand. It was incredibly relaxing and made me feel very happy.

We don’t really have seasons in Colombia, being as close to the equator as we are, but around December and January we have more sunny days than we usually do. This year the sunny weather lasted all the way to early March. It was wonderful. I would wake up every Sunday early, and ride my bike throughout the city, anywhere from three to five hours.

It was wonderful. Just me, my music, and my bike. Out in the city, riding all the way to the city centre, then to (and partly up) the mountains, then back North. All the time the sun hot on my back as I pedalled, wind rushing past me.
So nice.

A few days ago I was walking home from work and took a deep breath, delightfully surprised at the metallic smell in the air. I got home just in time to avoid a huge storm, and felt deep calm and joy as I cooked dinner and ate a warm fillet, with the rain a very enjoyable backdrop.


I went for a picnic with my best friend a little while ago. We actually went to the botanical gardens first, and walked around, admiring the lovely flowers and trees. I remember there was one particular tree whose flowers smelled heavenly. I must have stood there smelling for a whole minute.

It was a beautiful day, and the bright sun really highlighted the beauty of the gardens and roses.

We left the garden after a few hours and walked to a nearby park. We sat under a roof of branches, eating sandwiches on a blanket and chatting, the sun making us the right degree of warm.


At some point in 2013, I had my first fight with my then-best friend, just a few months after meeting. I have no idea what we argued about, but I was feeling too angry and upset to stay in my apartment, so I left for a walk. After a few minutes it started to drizzle and soon after it was raining very strongly.

I’d fortunately brought an umbrella, so I took whatever shelter I could under it and as I walked the mostly empty street I felt comfortable crying from frustration and sadness and worry, my tears hitting the pavement along with the rain.
Something about the rain made it easier to cry, and I felt oddly comforted by the way the weather matched my tempestuous mood.


I’ve previously mentioned how I first fell into real depression soon after my first break up. It was not a good time, and for a while I thought I would never recover from living each day in perpetual grey, with neither joy nor even sadness to paint my life.

I eventually discovered the books of Terry Pratchett, and I spent a whole three months coming home from college and lying on the grass in a park near my house, a tree log on the ground at my back, and my kindle in my hands as I rediscovered laughter through Pratchett’s fantastic Discworld series.

An integral part of those healing reading sessions was the way the sun warmed to the point where I couldn’t help but smile (and gave me the nerdiest tan ever.)


I like to go for Chai Tea at a nearby restaurant when I need a pick-me-up. I desperately needed one last November, so after leaving work, I got on a bus and went to the restaurant. I sat at one of the tables nearest the window, and soon after receiving my tea noticed it had started raining. I could feel the cool from the window, and as the Chai did its work, warming my mood and soul, I felt it was somehow stronger for the rain outside.

There are times when the weather ruins my plans, or it somehow mismatches my mood at the exact wrong time, and I end up upset.

In general though, I love the weather. Rain or shine… I’m okay. They’re both delightful 🙂







One thought on “And Now, the Weather…

  1. aikifox85 says:

    I would love that weather 🙂 I can’t wait for the warmth and the sun to return here in the Midwestern US. I’m so over this cold. We’ve had a few nice days, but it’s still chilly.


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