Three Words that Will Make You Happy

I saw Deadpool today. It was SO good. I laughed more than I have ever laughed in a movie. It was full of so many references, gags, and genre-savvy jokes, I just couldn’t help but smile throughout. It reminded me a bit of Terry Pratchett. Okay, it had a very different tone to the Discworld books, but it parodied superhero movies the same way Pratchett did so many other genres of stories: with the love only a true fan can achieve.

Go see Deadpool.

Anyway. What was I doing watching Deadpool on Valentine’s Day? Well, first off, if you’re not spending Valentine’s Day watching Ryan Reynolds, you’re doing it wrong. Also, I was following my most favourite advice: I was going on a date with myself.

I’ve previously mentioned how I came to start going on dates with myself, but I want to elaborate on that a bit today. Just what does it mean to date yourself? Also, what are the three words that will apparently make you happy?

In short, dating yourself means going out of your way to spend time all by yourself, just to appreciate how great you are. It means wearing your favourite outfit, your cutest panties, and doing your makeup all the way just to make you feel special (er, adjust that sentence to your personal preference of underwear).
You know how thousands of facebook memes talk about not settling for someone who doesn’t make you feel like a princess? It’s basically the same thing, but with yourself. I feel very strongly that an integral part of being happy is treating yourself with all the love and respect in the world, and going out of your way to make yourself feel appreciated. It sounds cheesy, and I suspect some of you think it’s pathetic but don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.

It does wonders for your mood and self-esteem.

Have you ever heard the expression “if you can’t beat them, join them”?

Of course you have, don’t lie.

It’s a nice expression. I’m not sure it’s all that valid, but it’s pithy so hey, it’s going to be used everywhere to the point where probably even foetuses have heard it within a few months of existence.

This is all to admit I’ve started using provocative titles in a way similar to how annoying clickbait sites do. Or in other words, I don’t have three words that will magically solve all your problems and make you happy. I do however, have three words that have made me happier for practising them, and which I think many people would benefit from following.
Like any worthwhile lesson in today’s world, I learned it watching TV:


I listen to the words of Tom Haverford like gospel

In case you’ve never watched Parks and Recreation (you should), the gif above is of Tom. He’s usually comic relief, but there’s this joke about him and another character occasionally going on what they call “Treat yo’ self” days.

Treat yo’ self, essentially, is taking one day out of the week/month/whenever you can afford it to just feed your spirit. For them it means going shopping for fancy clothes. For others it means buying full-sized Batman costumes. For me, it means waking up early to watch football, going on a bike ride, eating delicious pasta, watching Deadpool, doing some shopping, and getting a little itty bit drunk.

I don’t know how to explain how amazing it is without resorting to hyperbole, but let me give you an example of what today’s “treat yo self” did to me.

Screenshot 2016-02-14 at 20.22.29.png

That depressing image above is an excerpt of a post I drafted Friday night because I couldn’t sleep without writing that out. I’ve been under a lot of stress; from my first unrequited crush on a guy, to people judging me for being myself, to deep unfulfilment from work, I’ve been slowly drained empty of all my energy and spirit until I was left running on fumes.
I was done. I couldn’t handle anything. I nearly had a minor emotional breakdown at work.

Yet, after all the stuff I did for myself today, I walked home from the mall skipping. Skipping.

I can’t afford regular “treat yo self” days, but scheduling moderate ones every now and then, and more massive ones much more rarely has allowed me to handle inhuman amounts of stress, and the practise has been a major reason I haven’t snapped under all the pressure and loneliness I’ve felt the last few months.

I encourage you to try it. Treat yo self sometime soon, or at least take yourself out to a wonderful date. You can thank me later.

I hope y’all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day. I know I did.

By the way, how was this post? I got home a little bit drunk, but instead of waiting to sober up a bit, I decided to experiment on how I wrote under the influence. I hear Hemmingway was a bit of a heavy drinker, so maybe this is all I needed to unlock my true potential as a wordsmith 😉




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