A List of Things I Am Grateful For

Hi, all!

A bit of a short post today as it’s been a long day and I’m absolutely exhausted—turns out having a broken elbow is tiring work!
Anyways, seeing as it’s Thanksgiving, I thought I’d go for a topical post, so here are the things I am most grateful for today:

  • Friends
    I have come through difficult times, dealt with scary new experiences, and handled a lot of very difficult issues, and I’ve come through in no small part thanks to some wonderful, lovely friends.
    I wish I could do more to show how much I appreciate them.
  • Coming Out
    The big one. I was finally able to come out, and it’s been just about everything I hoped for. I no longer have a storm cloud following me around, with the smallest things ruining my day. Quite the opposite. Nowadays any day is made brighter by hearing “yes ma’am” at a store, or hearing a porter announcing me as ‘Miss Liliana’ to a friend as I dropped in for a visit.
    Yay! 🙂
  • Cellphones
    Maybe a bit too ‘modern’ but I’m very, very grateful for my smartphone. It helps me navigate my massive city, stay in touch with the people I care about… they’re fab! 🙂
  • Books
    Recently I’ve been very glad of my kindle in particular, as it’s been a massive help as I can read one-armed comfortably.
    In general though, I’m very very glad I developed a love for reading when I was a kid. More than anything else, books have helped me claw my way out of depression more than once, given me an escape through dark and difficult times, and provided companionship when no one was there for me.
  • My Job
    One of the biggest reasons I was able to transition. It’s a difficult, usually thankless job, but I’m very grateful to have it.

That’s it for the biggest things. Maybe a bit predictable but eh, whatever 😛

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who are American, and Happy Thursday to the rest of you 🙂


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