Mercado de Pulgas

Howdy! I made a special trip to one of my favourite parts of the city just to show you guys what it’s like 🙂

So this place is called several things. Some people call it El Mercado de Pulgas (The Flea Market), Usaquén (the name of the neighbourhood it’s in), or Hacienda Santa Barbara (the name of a famous property it’s right next to).

It’s where you go to find really cute earrings, awesome scarfs, homemade gewgaws, and a ton more things. I love it. It has such a great, movie-like atmosphere.


To get there you take a bus up to the Séptima, or you ride your bike as I did today, since we had Ciclovia. That building in the background is the Hacienda. If I’m not mistaken, it was the former home of a very, very rich man who once owned a sizable part of the city. Nowadays it’s a cozy little mall.

Anyways, the flea market is a little to the left of it. You walk in and are met with a ton of tents. They all have interesting stuff. Some have handicrafts, but it’s mainly jewellery.

You go up the street of tents, turn left and come to this. It’s a beautiful street with fancy restaurants and cafés, and paintings and other stuff on the other.



Walk a little more and you get to the plaza, pictured here and above. It’s a sunny, beautiful place, and it’s also where the old man I mentioned in my last post, dances tango.

As usual, he was there today, and he had a pretty lady dancing with him. I’d promised y’all a picture of him, but I did one better and recorded him. Watch it. Please. Watching him dance always makes me smile; it’s easily my favourite part of the Mercado de Pulgas.


You keep walking down the street. There’s dolls and little handmade sculptures, paintings and food, and random really cool homemade stuff (yup, that’s a Star Wars-themed chess set, and yeah, that’s a Civil War-themed chess set in the background.)

One time I went with a friend and a man gave us home-made jelly. It was one of the best things I’d ever tasted. I was pretty broke then, so I couldn’t buy it, and sadly I haven’t seen him since. My favourite scarves have also came from there, as well as all my earrings and necklaces.

The market goes on a bit more, but it’s more of the same mostly, so I won’t upload more pictures. It’s overall a very beautiful place, and you will always find something fun. Oddly, it’s possibly the one place in Colombia apart from the US embassy where you’re most likely to run into Americans. It’s a picturesque place full of great memorabilia, so it’s naturally crawling with tourists.
It’s also a hipster wonderland. If you ever want to get wasted, play a drinking game with a friend… one of you takes a shot every time you hear some blond person speaking in English, and the other everytime they see a hipster.

Even if you don’t find something cute to wear, or neat to buy, there’s great street art. One time I saw a man playing some kickass jazz on a melodica. Today I saw a really cool cello player (at least I think that’s a cello… 😛 ).

Like I said, there’s always something to enjoy, and I can’t visit without leaving with a huge smile on my face.


Do you have someplace like this in your city? I’d love to hear about it.
What did you think of the Mercado? I hope you pay it a visit if you ever come to Bogotá, you’ll thank me for it 🙂






6 thoughts on “Mercado de Pulgas

      • Tish Wolfsong says:

        Thanks Lilly. 🙂
        Great fun! … Dammit, I wish I had legs like his partner 😉
        And for the drinking game I’d thought “Yeah, that would be cool … I’d choose *people wearing predominantly blue and yellow*”, and then I watched the cellist and saw the woman sitting behind him … that’s one shot downed even before I’ve been there! 😛


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