Happy Birthday to…

Happy birthday to me
Happy biiiirthday, dear …


Happy birthday to me!


I’m excited! This is going to be my first proper post… which actually feels rather fitting, as today marks another big first: my first birthday as Lily rather than [redacted].

Thinking about it, the last few months have been full of firsts. Turns out starting life as someone of the opposite gender means a lot of new experiences!

I’ve had my first Halloween as a girl, my first wedding-attendance as a girl, my first time doing my makeup, etc etc. I’ve been surprised at how some things are nearly identical to how they were before, and how completely different other things are.

Halloween this year, for example, was pretty much the same as always, only instead of lazily refusing to dress as a vampire or Harry Potter, I was too lazy to dress as a witch or a sexy ____(insert noun)_____. Some other things, like my first friendships with other people as a woman, have been very, very unlike how they were when I presented male, both friendships with men as with other girls.

It’s been fascinating, and though they have been scary and exciting and terribly emotional, the last few months have been interesting more than anything else.

I like new experiences. I love travelling to new places, meeting new people, discovering new things.

One of my favourite things to do on Sundays is to ride my bike on the Ciclovia but then stray off the path and just explore a random neighbourhood (so long as it’s a safe part of town, of course!) It’s great to find new restaurants and quiet spots or, my favourite, a beautiful tiny little park that would normally be known only to the people who live around it.

Sometimes I’ll take a bus, get off at a random stop, and just see what I can find. I’ve found some of my favourite stores and restaurants that way. Exploring is fun!

I understand why a lot of people don’t feel more driven to explore their environment. The world is scary, and it feels safer to just stick to what you know. To be completely honest, I think that’s absolute bullshit. Sure, it might feel safer to keep your head down and stick to routine, but in reality I think people do a great injustice to themselves by rejecting the growth and experience and fun that comes from trying new things.

Today, or tomorrow, try doing something new. Try eating at a different restaurant than the ones you’re used to. Take a different bus after work, and explore a different part of town (please make sure it’s safe), talk to someone you never talk to at work, open a random show on Netflix… step outside the life and routine you’ve built for yourself, and enjoy a little spice of difference in your life!

If you actually do any of that, please let me know how it goes. I’d LOVE to hear experiences about this, especially the Netflix one… I need something new to watch 😉



5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to…

  1. Helen Smith says:

    Happy Birthday! 😀

    You’ve made a great point here. I really do feel like exploring my town more and I really should just do it. 😀

    Also in the picture of the cycling is the road closed so people can cycle? 😀

    – Helen 🙂


    • Liliana says:

      Yes! If you find anywhere that you end up really liking let me know about it, I love hearing about tiny forgotten places.

      And yes it is. Very observant! I’m actually planning to make a post about that in a week or two 🙂


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