Hello there, Internet!

An Introduction

Hey there!

I’m Lily. I’m a 22-year old non-practising Atheist. I grew up in two different countries. I’m transgender. I’m tall. I also have a blog. It is this one, the one you are reading right now. Hi! 🙂

I’ll start my first proper post on Monday, but I think an introduction would be appropriate. Here is a quick snapshot of my life so far:

I was born in Bogotá in 1993, and according to my mother, I was an incredibly quiet baby. Really, really quiet. More than once my parents woke up in a cold sweat thinking I had died or been kidnapped simply because I didn’t cry every night. I didn’t really speak until I was over 2 years old, when I started speaking in nearly complete sentences seemingly from one week to the next.

I grew up in Colombia for the first 9 years of my life, at which point I moved to the US.

Well, “the US.” (It was Florida.)

Just like when I was a baby learning how to speak, I didn’t really say anything for my first few months there, and instead I spent most of my time watching cartoons and reading in English. By the time I did start speaking in English, I had pretty much picked it up.

I moved back to Colombia when I was… I don’t know, 14 or 15? It was Junior year, which turned out to be fortunate, as it led to me meeting some pretty great people at my new school in Colombia during my Senior year.

What else? After graduation I took half a year off to laze around playing videogames discover myself and carefully decide my future. I enrolled in Graphic Design at Uni pretty much at random, which luckily worked out pretty well. I was maybe 19 when I finished my courses, and 20 when I’d presented my thesis and gotten my degree.

I then took a job at my old high school doing like five jobs and getting paid for less than one, which wasn’t honestly as unfair as I just made it sound, since I was an unprofessional git when I started and they didn’t fire me, even though they had several opportunities to.

At some point in the last year I finally moved out of my parents’ house and stopped living life as [redacted] and started my life as Lily. It’s been pretty rad so far.

I’ll write a lot more about some of the things I’ve touched on here (particularly the trans stuff, since I know a lot of people find that sort of thing interesting and/or insightful), but I’d rather dedicate full posts to those topics.

This first week I’ll be posting every odd-numbered day. After that, I’ll make a post every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday.

What is this blog going to be about?

This blog is going to be about me sharing part of my journey. It’s going to be me excitedly sharing some things that make me happy, or mean a lot to me. It’ll be me sharing some of my writing, or graphic design/illustrations. It’s going to be a bit of a soapbox sometimes, because that’s the kind of person I am.

Mostly, though, my main hopes for this blog are: one, that it’ll help some of you look at some things differently (and hopefully you’ll allow me see things a different way as well!); and two, that some of the odder parts of my personality, or taste, or opinions (etc) will make someone else go “holy crap, someone else is like this too!”

Because that’s what we all really want, after all… to know we’re not really alone.

If there’s anything you’d like to hear about, about living in Colombia, something specific about being transgender, random questions about me, feel free to leave it in comments!
Let me know what you’d like to see me talk about, and introduce yourselves to me if you feel comfortable doing so. I’d hate for this blog to be one-sided talking from me to everyone else; I want to get to know my readers too! 🙂


9 thoughts on “Hello there, Internet!

    • Liliana says:

      Thanks! I worry a lot about the style… I write in a pretty stream-of-consciousness sort of way, and I never know whether it’ll come off interesting or disjointed.

      I’m rather pleased at that too! Haha. Thanks for following 🙂

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